What is CrossFit?

Being part of CrossFit and the community it creates is something hard to capture in written words. The acceptance, support and encouragement of each individual is fostered through this scalable, well thought out, varied movement based fitness.

Speaking from personal experience, witnessing the personal transformation on a physical, mental and “soul/spirit” level is nothing less than inspiring. Committing to one’s self-care on so many levels and consistently reaching new personal bests instills a deep self-confidence as well as a strong sense of camaraderie with those working along side you.

CrossFit is for anyone and everyone despite one’s fitness level or background. Start where you are and let our experience and expertise guide you to progress, results and transformation.

Let us present two videos; the story of Christine who experienced an astonishing transformation and “actually started living her life..” The second one is the story of Freda who despite her older age (65) challenged herself to discover abilities and capacities to move and live that she would not have dared to think of before!